Pausing the Spindle Rotation During a Test


​ Programming the Pause event on Hanson's dissolution testers will stop the spindle/paddle rotation temporarily during a test. This is a useful feature that allows for a complete vessel change, pH change with media addition, other types of media modification, or for any other reason. A good example is when working with an enteric coated dosage form, and creating a pause at the point where a media change is required. This feature also helps to create a single method with a single printout, unlike other systems that require two separate methods and two separate printouts. The parameter for the Pause event is time (in minutes) from 1 to 999. This stops the rotation of the spindles for the specified amount of time. The tester will then count up for the duration of the pause, while the total elapsed time is held constant.

Note: when Pause is set to 0, the pause is indefinite, so the user must resume the test manually.