Magazine Travel for Optimum Sampling Position


​ The Magazine Travel event on Hanson dissolution testers allows precise settings for the positioning of the basket and paddle shafts, crucial for compendial compliance. The event moves the magazine with its sampling probes to control the sample height within the vessel, allowing the tester to stay in compliance when media loss occurs. For non-replenishment dissolution runs, it ensures USP sampling-zone requirements for withdrawing aliquots from the vessel. It also eliminates the need for knobs and spacers, and the distance of travel may also be customized for special applications. Another benefit is the prevention of air intake that can occur when a sample probe is not fully submerged. The event parameter defines the Magazine Stroke from the Home to the Sampling position. The range of values is 0 mm (disabled) to 100 mm (for 1 L vessels), or 140 mm (for 2 L vessels). The default value is 60 mm.

The event includes preset options for magazine travel to accommodate predetermined sampling heights based on standard apparatus and commonly used media volumes, such as Baskets 500; Baskets 900; Paddles 500; Paddles 900; Small Volume; and Chinese Small Volume.