Teledyne Hanson Facilities Open During COVID-19


​​​​​ Individuals living in the State of California, as per Executive Order N-33-20, are required to stay at home except as needed to maintain the continuity of operations of the Federal Critical Infrastructure Sectors.

Teledyne Hanson's manufacturing facility in Chatsworth, California, is a key supplier of critical instruments required for pharmaceutical drug research and development, manufacturing, and quality control, fitting within the Healthcare and Public Health category of the Federal Critical Infrastructure Sectors. As a result, Teledyne Hanson's manufacturing facilities remain open during the COVID-19 emergency to continue making critical shipments to pharmaceutical drug developers and manufacturers worldwide.

Teledyne Hanson management, engineering, customer service and sales personnel also remain fully available either on-site or through phone, email, and remote services to handle orders and inquiries from new and existing customers and to provide product presentations and demonstrations online.

Our U.S. domestic and international contacts can be found here.