Dissolution Testing at Standard Chem & Pharm QC Lab Taiwan


​​​​​​​​​​​ Testimonial by Miss Lin, Analytical Technician, QC Lab, Standard Chem & Pharm CO., LTD, Tainan City, Taiwan

“Our current dissolution testers could not fulfill our increasing test needs. The main reason we chose Teledyne Hanson dissolution testers supplied by Kohan Instruments, from other options, was the support and services provided by the Kohan application and service team. We like and admire them, and find they are not only competent with professional skills but also responsive and responsible on every issue or question we bring up.

“We are now equipped with sufficient amounts of dissolution testers, which can keep providing stable and reliable performance, and our problem is now solved. With the help and training provided by the Kohan team, we can make the best possible use of the equipment to save time and optimize the process.

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