Hanson Research, an innovative leader in the design and manufacturing of dissolution testing and diffusion testing instruments for the pharmaceutical industry.

Hanson Research, founded in 1951 by Dr. William A. (“Bill") Hanson, designed and manufactured the world's first six-vessel dissolution testers in 1969, and the first fully automated dissolution testing system, the Dissograph, in 1975. Widespread adoption of Hanson's technology along with an extensive support network made Hanson a trusted supplier for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing lab facilities in 75 countries worldwide. In the diffusion-testing line, focused on transdermal drug formulations, Hanson's innovative vertical diffusion cell, a modified Franz cell, led the way, eventually becoming officially incorporated into the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) as “Apparatus A." Hanson's Microette™ automated diffusion testing system was first released in 2000, and an advanced design in 2014.

  • Founded 1951 by William A. Hanson, Ph.D.; developed  the world's first six-spindle-drive dissolution tester in 1969 while working in close collaboration with US FDA.
  • Specializing in design and manufacturing of precision instruments used in pharmaceutical research, product development, and quality control.
  • Focused strongly on dissolution testing (solid dosage forms) and diffusion testing (semi-solid dosage forms)
  • Compliance with USP, EP, JP, ASTM, and many others
  • New product innovations; expansion of offerings
  • Made in USA at Hanson factory/headquarters in Chatsworth, California; ISO 9001 certified. Customer support network covers 90+ countries.
  • Acquired by Teledyne Instruments in December of 2016, we are now Teledyne Hanson​
  • Known for precision, performance, and durability of our complete line of Vision dissolution testing instruments. ​